Millennium’s College Experience

As students, we devote our entire school lives to a singular college. From an early age, we focus on how we can stand out in fields jam-packed with excellence. While most students begin thinking about college in the latter half of high school, New York City students are immersed in the process starting in the 7th grade, while looking at high schools to apply to. The high schools we attend determines how much college preparation we will receive, and what programs will be available to us, such as advanced placement courses. Millennium prides itself in having a quality college preparatory program, so as juniors who will be participating in college applications next year, we wanted to hear the opinions of current seniors on the process. 

The top colleges that our survey-takers wanted to attend were Binghamton, Boston University, and Baruch, all conveniently located within driving distance to New York. Every senior questioned recommended early action for multiple reasons. Firstly, applying early gives students a higher chance of being accepted to a given school. Another student said that this process makes the application process significantly more manageable, as you are forced to get applications submitted earlier in the year. Others said that since you get your acceptance/rejection back sooner, it decreases the stress of waiting for a response. The school and administration recommend and heavily suggest applying to ten State or City Universities of New York. The majority of students did not follow the 10 CUNY/SUNY rule and did not seem to think positively of it. The students interviewed stated that this step was unnecessary and actually benefited their high schools more than themselves. ⅔ of the survey-takers said the transition from remote to in-person school was difficult, especially with the added stress of being immersed in the college process. The primary factors that were taken into account when applying were location, majors available, and size. The majority of students did not follow the 10 CUNY/SUNY rule and did not seem to think positively of it. Students value their education, but can we say the same for their educators? We interviewed a senior undergoing the college process about the 10 CUNY/SUNY rule. We asked this student whether or not they applied the rule,  “no, the school makes you do it only because it looks better for them in terms of college acceptance rate.” How can we rely on our school if they only see us as expendable? Why should we choose undesirable colleges that will determine our entire lives just for our current school’s gain and not our own? 

Every survey taker adamantly recommended early action for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it allows for the shortening of the college application process, reducing the stress of your senior year. Similarly, this process allows you to get the process over with sooner, making it easier to manage the stressful application process over time. Additionally, ED shows colleges that you are interested and may give you priority or an application boost. Ultimately, students at Millennium High School have had many different experiences and ideas about the college process which produces a diverse group of graduates and spoke well of the college process here at the school which is an encouraging prospect for those of us who will be actively engaged in college applications in the upcoming years.