Millennium Sports Update

Eva Mitevski

As Millennium came back in person for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, so have our sports seasons. Teams, especially in our high school, promote a community environment. For many students, sports are an outlet; a passion and endeavor. Throughout the pandemic, we were at a loss for this drive of competition, leadership and teamwork. However, the period stuck in front of our laptops seems to have only impacted our postures, not our amazing athletes’ abilities to put their passion and hard work towards success. Our new John Jay Campus name is living up to its full potential, a fresh start with new opponents from the Brooklyn division and more people available to play.


 Some information on fall sports:

The Girls Varsity Volleyball Team ended in the finals versus Bronx Science, losing with close sets, but they had an amazing season. Boys Varsity soccer made it to the playoffs and were defeated, yet it was a great season for a Manhattan division team. Girls Varsity soccer got to the third playoff game of their season, capping off their excellent undefeated season.  JV girls volleyball season started off strong, ending their season undefeated. Our school’s fall teams have pulled through with an amazing start to the school year. Shoutout to all the students who played a fall sport this year, and who are now starting off winter teams! 

However, juggling a Millennium homework schedule, social life and a sports team commitment is challenging for anyone. Planning ahead time and being tired after coming home from school and practices is grueling. What should a student prioritize first in this situation? Putting their passion first or their school work? I believe students will tell you it depends on the person. But having time management is the key here; some students work on the train and others will try to do some during free periods and lunch. If you want to try out for a sport, many students would recommend it, as teams help you meet more people especially since each sports team comprises five schools (John Jay Campus, Millennium Manhattan and Brooklyn Campuses, Park Slope Collegiate, and CASA Highschool). Sports create connections with other schools and help find similar passions with peers. One JV volleyball girl stated “it was very overwhelming, we played for fun but coming home late was tricky”. Freshmen coming into Millennium might not know anyone, but a sports team could help them find a community and a space they feel safe and comfortable in, if they are willing to put a bit more on their plate.

Look at updates on your school teams below-> (search johnjay as the name of the team)