Millennium Gone Digital

Although Millennium doesn’t have an official Instagram, our presence on the platform is not lacking. Many clubs have active Instagrams, while others are community-driven. With over twenty accounts, here are some of the most interesting ones on the platform.
mhssleepcam is an account that has over 100 followers. Students are able to submit photos of their classmates or peers sleeping, to then be posted onto the account by the anonymous owner. It is quite a simple page, with the bio simply reading, “DM any pics” and all of the photos are captionless. With over 85 posts on the account of mostly juniors resting in class, it definitely shows the intense workload that this school offers, and how many kids may not be getting the sleep that they need due to it.
Unlike the mhssleepcam, the “mhs_napsss” account posts mostly freshmen and sophomores sleeping. This account takes a different approach to the same issue, with a much more enthusiastic way of posting. This owner comes up with unique, creative captions for each post such as “stretchy” and “scrumptious nap time”. Reaching over 200 followers and more than 100 posts, this account is definitely one of the school’s favorites due to its comedic element. 

A third and no longer active account but still notable page is millennium_high_school_memes. This account features several memes from topics appearing across the school such as the commonly heard phrase “Bags off backs”. The account has been inactive since the coronavirus pandemic sent schools into remote learning. Using meme formats with custom captions, this account brought a funny twist to ordinary school life.

Although not officially run by the club, the now defunct jewishclubmhs Instagram account has become quite popular around the school. Reaching over 8,000 followers, this account posted infographics informing the school of Jewish culture. It has since been deleted in light of some controversy as it was not affiliated with the actual club. The page reached, and got hundreds of likes within each of the posts; although it wasn’t actually a club affiliated Instagram, it was too large to not bring up in this article. 

One Instagram that is officially run by a club is the mhsphoenix Instagram. Hannah Marr ’22 is the student that runs the page, “I make graphics for the instagram to help spread the word about the latest articles -including this one“ she laughs. It’s made for the Newspaper club, letting people know when new articles are posted, and posting professional graphics on special occasions. The stories are also helpful for sending out school surveys to students. The account already has over 100 followers, which is quite impressive as the whole school has only around 650 students. This is a great example of how social media can be used for good at the school, and can communicate ideas to students in a format that they are much more familiar with.

Instagram accounts have turned into a form of expression for many Millennium students, and the community seems to really enjoy their unique views on the school. The sleeping accounts put an interesting twist to an activity that would normally be frowned upon, and the meme pages can help form a community surrounding the school. This is far from an exhaustive list These Instagram accounts can also be quite useful for clubs to communicate ideas to members and future members.