Junior Experiences in AP Biology

Millennium High School provides a variety of advanced courses in junior year. Some courses rising juniors can choose from are AP US History, AP Art Studio, and AP Language. AP Biology is an advanced and more in-depth version of the biology class taken in 9th grade. Most of the information taught in 9th-grade Biology serves as background information when students dive deeper into the study of life. 

When the time arrives for students to select their advanced placement courses, it is a difficult decision. People who understood most of the material or just enjoyed Biology class in 9th grade may be shaken by the two letters “AP” before it. 

Below are interviews conducted with current juniors that are taking AP Biology:

Q1: Why did you take AP Biology out of all the AP courses?

“I had Ms. Taylor for 9th grade, and she was an amazing teacher. It was either chemistry or biology for the AP STEM course. I felt that I understood the biology concept better than chemistry,” says Bianna Chen, a current junior taking AP Biology.

As a person also taking AP Biology, I agree with the answer to this question. Coming into 9th grade during quarantine was, as most people experienced, very difficult. I had no background information on biology and never really enjoyed taking science classes. However, in the first week of 9th-grade biology, Ms. Taylor was extremely helpful and thorough with her lessons.

I could learn and actually understand the materials presented and maintain a high grade. My understanding of the lessons in 9th grade was one of the main reasons I applied to the advanced version of Biology.

Q2: What do you think about the quizzes and tests in this class?

“You have to put a lot of effort into studying,” says Nicole Yau, a current AP Biology junior. “Look into your notes beforehand because there is a lot of information you need to review. I highly recommend joining AP Biology; Ms. Taylor makes it very easy to engage with students.”

Q3: Is the workload manageable in terms of homework?

“Personally, I think the workload in AP Biology is manageable. In fact, it is quite light. However, I would like to say that it is better to do the homework even though the teacher may not check it sometimes. The homework contains information for quizzes and tests and sometimes even practices for them,” an anonymous student explains.

“I think the workload is manageable. We learn a lot in class, so there’s not much homework for AP Biology. I think it’s not that hard, so if you need homework help, reach out to Ms. Taylor for clarification,” says an anonymous student. 

Q4: What are some tips you have for people considering this course?

Pay attention to the class, do all the work, and read Ms. Taylor’s study guide, and you should be fine for AP Biology. Also, do the labs efficiently because they help, and ultimately respect Ms. Taylor because she takes care of her students and they have an enjoyable time. For example, she gave us goodie bags for Halloween,” says Bianna Chen.

Paying attention and completing all the work is an obvious way to get through this course. Once again, as a current Biology junior, I must emphasize Ms. Taylor’s study guide. She does an efficient job of singling out all the important information needed for tests or quizzes and puts them all in a single document accessible to students at all times. The study guide is probably the best way to prepare for tests, quizzes, or even the class content in general.

If the study guide is too much information reviewed at once, I suggest first identifying which topic you struggle with most. Once you’ve identified this inconsistency in your information, you should focus mainly on studying that specific topic until you’ve gotten better. 

You can study by reviewing worksheets handed out in class, as there is always an explanation or summary written on them. Read and reread the material over and over. If you really don’t understand something, students can reach out to Ms. Taylor through the Remind app. This communication method is extremely quick and easy. When I was stuck on a question after a lot of thinking, I put my thoughts into a clarifying question and got a helpful response from Ms. Taylor.

Wrapping it up, it is your decision whether you should take this class. Some people may find it extremely easy, but others may find it challenging, or even a little boring. The interviews conducted here may give you a better vision of how AP Biology is viewed in 2022 and what you may also encounter.