Deep Dive: JID’s The Forever Story


JID is an artist from Atlanta Georgia who began with his debut album, The Never Story to his latest project of The Forever Story. He’s a heavy lyricist rapper, but his production on his albums and songs makes it easy to listen to for more than just the lyrics. He’s grown so much from The Never Story in terms of production, lyricism, and overall being an artist. JID is an incredible artist, I believe he’ll be one the greatest.

The Black Experience

JID’s The Forever Story shows black experience as it’s told from JID’s perspective as a black boy growing up and how he looks at it now, which is extremely relatable for his black audience. From my perspective, hearing it makes me feel warm and understood. In songs he’ll talk about how systemic racism had affected black families and their overall happiness. From getting handed down clothes from either immediate family or extended family, and having to eat the same baloney sandwich everyday because they don’t have enough money,  JID’s struggle is what makes the album so impactful and beautiful. I don’t want to spoil it anymore than that, you simply just need to listen to it in full to truly understand.


JID emphasizes the theme of family throughout his album to say “even though we fight I’ve still got your back through and through”. This ties in with his experience because it’s incredibly hard to go through  especially within Atlanta because of institutional racism and how it put us all at a disadvantage from birth. Having blood connects us, but the fact we’re black simply connects us on relation, struggle, and understanding. The Forever Story is a beautiful album of his black experience and the black struggle; explaining it incredibly through JID’s artistry.


JID’s The Forever Story is worth the listen, and honestly an incredible piece of artistry that highlights the struggle we go through on a daily basis, connecting the black community even more than we already were. I hope you all take a listen as it’s an incredible project.

Rating: 9.8/10