This Weeks TV Show: WandaVision

General Review (without Wandavision spoilers), TV/Movie Review by Elleigh and Sara! Scale (1-10): 9.5/10

Honestly, there are so many reasons as to why you should watch this show. If you are into Marvel (like we are) then I think you’ll especially enjoy this show and even if you aren’t, you should definitely still check it out. WandaVision takes place a couple of weeks after Avengers: Endgame, the final Avengers movie which came out in 2019, and tells the story of superheroes Wanda Maximoff and the Vision.

If you haven’t watched any of the previous Marvel movies (or if you have but need a quick recap on these characters) you’ll probably have no idea who Wanda and Vision are and need a quickrundown of everything you need to know (without taking the whopping 13 hours to watch all the movies). Wanda Maximoff was born in a fictional country called Sokovia which is located in eastern Europe. Wanda grew up with a twin brother named Pietro Maximoff and her 2 parents. When Wanda and Pietro were 10, their parents were killed in their apartment by a Stark Industries bomb. Since the bomb didn’t go off when it landed in their apartment, Wanda and Pietro had to stay in their apartment for 2 days waiting for it to not go off. This started the twins’ hatred for the Avengers, specifically Tony Stark, who joined HYDRA for volunteer experimentation from the mind stone (one of 6 infinity stones).

A robot named Ultron, created by Tony Stark to achieve world peace, recruited the twins after HYDRA fell to destroy the world though the twins did not know of this. They helped Ultron kidnap a doctor to build Ultron a body made out of Vibranium (the strongest metal on earth) but when they found out about Ultron’s plan, they kidnapped the body and teamed up with the Avengers. The body later came to life and was named the Vision who, along Pietro and Wanda, helped the Avengers destroy Ultron. Sadly Pietro was killed in the fight that affected Wanda for the rest of her life. Vision helped Wanda get through the grief of her brother and they became quite close.

Flash forward the Avengers break up and Wanda is on the run but secretly meets up with Vision (like Romeo and Juliet how sweet) but they then find out that another genocidal maniac (yay) named Thanos needs the mind stone (that is inside Vision’s body) to wipe out half of the universe. In the end, because Wanda’s powers come from the mind stone she is forced to kill Vision but Thanos went back in time to kill him and get the mind stone. Thanos wiped out half of the universe, including Wanda, but this was later reversed when the Avengers used the infinity stones to bring everyone back 5 years later. After the last Avengers movie when everyone was brought back, Wanda began to spiral without Vision by her side, thus leading to the start of Wandavison. 

Wandavision is such a unique show and I’ve never seen anything like it. There is so much mystery and eerie things going on while you’re trying to figure out what’s actually going on. The show notably goes through different decades starting with the 50’s. It truly tackles the 5 stages of grief and adds more depth and emotion with characters we all know and love!


Our Favorite Character From The Show:


My favorite Character is probably Vision. It’s quite a basic choice, but I think that the writers and producers in the marvel franchise captured Vision’s caring and quiet nature insuch a beautiful way despite the fact that he is an AI. It’s incredible how they balance out his personality, and made the audience feel such powerful emotions for a character that is the farthest thing from a human. However, I especially love how Marvel created an entirely unique relationship with Wanda and Vision unlike any I’ve ever seen in television or film!



My new favorite character from the show has got to be Monica Rambeau. I mean how could you not love her?! She’s this incredibly strong and fierce woman that is just a total badass. I loved her character even when she first appeared in Captain Marvel as a kid and it was really interesting how she reacted when Darcy and Jimmy were talking about her which made me wonder if something happened between Monica and Carol in order for her to be very dismissive of her when Carol’s name got brought up. 

Our Favorite Episodes


My favorite episode from WandaVision is either the 1st episode or the 8th episode. The first episode is one of my favorites because I love the sitcom style and the 50’s fashion that they did. The first episode also has those really great moments that are very off putting like when Wanda and Vision have Vision’s boss Mr. Hart and Mrs. Hart over for dinner and when Mr. Hart starts asking questions about Wanda and Vision, the camera pans out and Mr. Hart starts choking on his food. Mrs. Hart kept saying “stop it” over and over again until Wanda focused and had to directly tell Vision to help Mr. Hart. This was one of the first moments for me in the show where I realized that Wanda was controlling Vision and he wasn’t actually real. It also made me really sad to realize that in the 8th episode when Wanda looks atthe map that Vision had of the plot of land he bought it had a heart over a little note he wrote, very similar to the heart circled on the calender in the 1st episode.

The 8th episode is also one of my favorites (I can’t really choose between them) because of the flashbacks we go through. I feel it adds a lot of depth to not only the show but to Wanda’s storyline throughout the MCU. That little moment when Vision is talking to Wanda after Pietro died really broke my heart and I could not stop crying. Seeing too when Wanda interacts with the mind stone at Hydra really reinforced that Wanda was always meant to be the Scarlet Witch. What further makes this episode great, like stated before, is we see someone call her the Scarlet Witch for the very first time in the MCU!! When Wanda first appeared in the end credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, no one even knew she was the Scarlet Witch even though they had the same powers. 


My Favorite episode is probably the first one as well. Yet again Marvel has proved to be superior and put a mysterious twist on a 50’s classic, and done so in such a way that the audience is pulled even deeper into the story. What truly makes this episode my favorite is how they spend nearly all of the screen time with the concept of recreating a 50s TV show, but they tie it all back together at the end with a quick glimpse at reality.