From Freshmen To Freshmen: Which floor in Millennium is the best for eating lunch at?

One of the most stereotypical problems freshmen face are where to eat lunch. Today, I’ve interviewed 13 freshmen to get their opinions on which floor of Millennium High School is the best to eat lunch at as a freshman. 70% of the freshman said the 13th floor, 30% of these students said 12th and no one said 11th floor.

The 13th Floor:

Some of the benefits of eating on the 13th floor is that it is close to your lockers, as freshmen we can lose track of time and being close to your stuff can make it easier to get to class on time if you’re in a rush. Additionally, Pema Choenzom and Alice Lin tell us that the 13th floor is “closer to their classes” making it more ideal to eat at. The atmosphere of the 13th floor is also appealing to many freshmen, the large, open space of the lounge makes it easy for large groups of friends to sit together, and Sam Luri  explains how, “it’s brighter, it affects my mood a lot and makes me happy.”

12th Floor:

The 12th floor is usually taken up at lunch by freshmen, sophomores and juniors, making it the most diverse floor in the school building in terms of grades. But the differentiation of grades isn’t the only advantage of the 12th floor, the physical space is likable for many people who would rather eat in a more inclosed and private location, the rows of single chaired desks are good for people who need a break from socialization, something we all feel is a effect of the quarantine, and the furniture itself is comfortable and calming, Sabina Vu says that it has “really nice seats and it has close quarters, so you feel more connected to the people that you’re eating with there.” The smaller space is ideal for some people, allowing them to have privacy to talk to their friends and the hallways themselves being lined with cushioned seating is a major benefit, and the girl’s bathroom on the 12th floor is by far superior. But there are some drawbacks to eating at the 12th floor, the boys bathroom is “done for” and “it’s a mystery.” And while some might think that the cafeteria being on the 12th floor is a good thing, some students disagree, Niko Saito voices that in his opinion the “cafeteria isn’t the best” but many others say the vending machines are really great for snacks and easy to get to on the 12th floor.


One of the main reasons for the 11th floor being not chosen is because freshmen have no classes there, and eating in the same area as seniors is just overall awkward according to most freshmen. A large number of people answered that one of the reasons for their choice is because of the large amount of same-grade students that occupy the 13th and 12th floor over the 11th. 

So overall the best floor, decided by previous freshmen, in regards to eating lunch for freshmen is the 13th. Although each floor has its own unique strengths. Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions and ideas for this article! And to all the future freshmen coming to Millennium next fall, good luck!