Teacher Feature: Ms. Taylor


Millennium High school has many subjects and teachers that teach these classes. One of the advanced placement subjects is the class AP Biology, which Ms. Taylor teaches. She teaches 9th, 11th, and 12th graders about the subject, biology, AP course, or not. To learn more about her experiences of being an educator at Millennium, I interviewed Ms. Taylor about teaching and tips she has for those pursuing biology/ AP biology.


What is your story of coming to MHS?


“I worked at a previous school. I had applied to Millennium by myself, but I knew another teacher here, so she put in a word for me. I had applied to Millennium several years in a row, and finally, my resume was read.”


What inspired you to be a biology teacher?


“AP bio was my favorite class in high school, so I thought I wanted to be a doctor, so first, I was doing pre-med. I changed my mind about that and took a public speaking course– I really liked it, and suddenly it hit me that I’d enjoy teaching. But I never, ever, ever considered teaching until I was a senior in college.”


What are some aspects you enjoy about teaching?


“Everything. I like interacting with students, I liked planning lessons, giving them tests… just kidding! Also getting to work with people in tables.”


What are some tips for students planning to pursue biology in the future?


“Talk to me. Talk to someone who has studied biology or knows about career paths in biology, like me. I liked biology, and I thought my only option was to be a doctor, and then it didn’t work out for me. Had I known all the cool career options, maybe I would have pursued a different path. I’m happy I’m a teacher, but being informed about careers in stem– just talk to someone. There are so many things you can do in biology.”


What are some tips for students that are planning to take the AP Biology course next year?


“Work hard and be resourceful. Talk to your table, in your class, you have to be independent and resourceful Because most days you are doing work and on your own.”


Fun fact about yourself?


“I love tennis. I play a lot of tennis, I’m obsessed with it.”