Valentines Day: Is it just a scam?

February 14th, feared by some and loved by many. Notoriously known as the day to not be alone. Companies feed off it, stores consistently put up decorations as soon as February hits, and everyone starts preparing for it. Grocery stores put flower prices up to the max and everywhere you look there are continuous reminders of what’s to come. 

Unfortunately for some, these reminders are annoying and depressing. Societal pressure is something everyone’s experienced, unachievable standards given to us at a young age and continuously forced into us growing up. The pressure to make the best decorated cards with the superior candies was enforced throughout my elementary school career, and then later, the pressure to be with a partner, or to even celebrate it with family or friends as a “last resort”. 

I won’t say I hate Valentine’s day, in my opinion it’s important to celebrate communal love and reminding others you care for them, romantically or not. Valentine’s day is an important reminder for ourselves to remember to spend time with our loved ones.  But I also think it’s been used as a money making scheme and just another way to wear oneself down after seeing others with their partners.

Online is especially dramatic, seeing happy couples and groups of friends celebrating this holiday is hard for people who just came out of a relationship, or never was in one at all. Social media already alters our perception of reality, and feeling bad about yourself is completely normal on Valentine’s Day, and any other day. 

Honestly, I loved Valentine’s Day for a long time, and some parts of it I still do, but every year I would be disappointed, I was used to seeing grand gestures and people putting an insane amount of effort into elaborate crafts. I would say many people have been let down by Valentine’s day. 

Not only have people been let down, but Valentine’s Day is also dangerous, “Psychologists believe there is a connection between depression and suicide, and the day of love [Valentines Day] only brings awareness to those who feel lonely.” says Dr. John Robertson, a family medical specialist. This shows how dangerous putting standards on what is really just a day. 

I feel like it’s important to mention that people that aren’t in relationships aren’t the only ones who feel bad about themselves or feel pressured to do certain things. Many people in relationships celebrate Valentine’s day by doing romantic activities, but the way Valentine’s day is presented to them puts so much pressure that Valentine’s day can feel less like a holiday and more like a chore, or something that someone feels forced to make the most of. 

In conclusion, Valentine’s day is most definitely not one of my favorite holidays, but it’s not just a corrupt money making scheme that has the single purpose of making people feel bad and I really don’t want this article to seem like Valentine’s day is actually super dangerous and depressing, but I also want to bring awareness to the fact that it’s not perfect, and it’s okay to feel alone or in a bad mindset on Valentines Day.