Review of Argentina 1985


Rated: R

Length: 2hr 20m

Streaming: Prime Video

Argentina 1985 tells the story of a trial against Argentina’s military dictatorship. From 1976 to 1983 Argentina was under a military dictatorship, and in only 7 years the government tortured, kidnapped, raped, and murdered people who were against them. In 1983 Julio Strasser and Luis Moreno Ocampo were tasked with prosecuting the military dictatorship.

This movie is absolutely incredible. Most movies when they tell stories this dreadful and devastating use the same approach of showing you the tragedy and carrying a depressing tone throughout the movie. Argentina is different though, it carries a hopeful, optimistic tone. It doesn’t tell the story as if it’s stuck in the past, stuck in the tragedy but rather as if we’re going to make things right, turn the tragedy into something better, and move forward into the future. This tone is very fitting for the movie since the trial is one of a kind. Argentina is the only country that has had a trial against its military dictatorship. It’s the only country that has been provided some form of justice. This tone that the movie has, leaves you hoping that they win. It gets you invested in the story. There’s also a bit of light-hearted humor mixed into the movie that reinforces the tone. 

Argentina 1985 is a must-watch. It is perfectly told and the casting and the writing are amazing. Also if you are currently studying Spanish and want to hear different accents, increase your vocabulary, or just learn some of Argentina’s history, Argentina 1985 is a great movie to watch.

Even though the trial provided justice there are still 10,000-30,000 people who are still missing to this day.