Club Spotlight: Period Equity Club

Period poverty is one of the many issues that exist within our society today. Many people often aren’t aware of it, thus, Millennium’s Period Equity Club was established. The club aims to have more people aware of period poverty. Like other clubs, Period Equity Club members participate in club activities. This spotlight article will provide more details on the club’s activities.

When I interviewed Amanda Chen, the club’s president about the club, she explained, “I created this club because I learned about the topic when I did a project. It made me aware of how little people knew about it– I wanted people to become more aware of the topic,” 

According to Journal of Global Health reports, “500 million people lack access to menstrual products and hygiene facilities.” These alarming statistics demonstrate the severity of Period Poverty in our society.

Like all first meetings, Period Equity’s first week was setting goals and having introductions. As the next few weeks came, the club focused on fundraising. After brainstorming ideas and preparation, the club’s first bake sale took place and raised $128.91. The club plans to donate the raised funds to an organization that creates period packages for those in need.

In the most recent meeting, club members created period packages consisting of period products and planned to give them to a homeless shelter. With that being said, the club is focused on combating period poverty and making an effort against this issue. In meetings, members are educated on period poverty and can tackle the issue through club activities.

“I look forward to going to the meetings. Everyone is really welcoming and friendly, and I’ve learned a lot about period poverty and ways to help,” says Trinity, a current junior and a member of the Period Equity Club.

All in all, joining the Period Equity club gives students more insight into the problem of period poverty in our society and what they can do against it. A first step that someone in Millennium High School can do about the issue of period poverty is joining the Period Equity Club and getting educated about the problems and solutions.