Teacher Feature Ms. Kushner

Out of all our lovely staff here in Millennium, Ms. Kushner is one of the many that students seem to adore. Ms. Kushner teaches English 10 and AP Literature. 


I was surprised at Ms. Kushner’s statement, “I really love my job.” as she actually did not get the choice of which grade she would teach. Who knew being in an uncomfortable position could lead to something so amazing? 


One of the many reasons students adore Ms. Kushner is because she is an excellent teacher. After all, she has a long history of teaching. Her first teaching job was at the High School for Environmental Studies. Then, she went to Maryland for 5 years before returning to New York City to teach for two years before arriving at Millennium.


Her love of talking about books and teaching writing isn’t the only reason Ms. Kushner loves her job. She prioritizes making each day different, as opposed to other professions where many may find themselves sitting in a chair all day. Additionally, she treasures the “aha moments” she experiences with her students because they push you to think thoroughly about various ideas that spark fascinating conversations. Something you might not know about Ms. Kushner is that she loves her kids and students. In fact, last week, Ms. Kushner even brought her son to work!


One thing she doesn’t like is her students’ preoccupation with grades. “I wish students had more interest in learning for learning’s sake instead of having to worry about a numeric grade all the time.” (Ms. Kushner) We all wish that too, don’t we! Just as we do, Ms. Kushner also wishes we had more options in class courses, such as band, chorus, and other forms of art or music classes.


Fun Facts about Ms. Kushner

  • Ms. Kushner is married with 2 kids and a dog. (her dog is her favorite)
  • She sews and is a very crafty person.
  • She loves to travel. Her favorite part of the world shes been to is Southeast Asia
  • Favorite food/drink: Bubble tea
  • Biggest pet peeves in students: Phones out or people talking when others are talking
  • If she suddenly changed jobs, she would engage in clothing design or be a personal shopper for rich people. How interesting!