Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Records Sold


Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Records Sold

by Nicole Buiciuc

Anti-Vaxxers – we have all heard of the refusal by some to get vaccinated due to mistrust in vaccines or other claimed reasons. But by refusing to get vaccinated, one isn’t only putting themselves in danger of contracting COVID-19 or another virus of the matter, they’re also endangering the people around them. Though, at least anti-vaxxers, not having gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, won’t be allowed to attend such large gatherings or events that require proof of vaccination, like flying (soon, airports will likely require passengers to be vaccinated), right? 

Turns out, that isn’t the case. Recently-publicized discoveries show that hundreds of people have been and still currently are selling blank vaccination record cards on various platforms including eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, while advertising on Facebook since as early as January. Thousands of counterfeit cards have been sold since. Numerous DIY guides have also been found online that detail how to print fake vaccination cards at home. These all arose following aired news that stated that official vaccination cards could very likely become the main safety requirement for air travel and attending events.

This means that those who are at risk to be infected with COVID-19 variants could also threaten the health of even those vaccinated. Misrepresenting oneself as being vaccinated is not something to take lightly and it can prolong the current state of the country which has been sources of complaints to many – even to anti-vaxxers. Although some people who purchase such cards may not be anti-vaxxers, the majority likely are and wish to gain the access that vaccination record cards provide. 

One eBay account registered to a pharmacist in Chicago sold over 100 blank vaccination cards in just two weeks. Other accounts sell packs of vaccination cards as they are easy to replicate. Those who forge these vaccination cards actually break federal law by not only falsifying vaccine documents, but also by reproducing the logo for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the upper right corner of each card. As blank vaccination cards also violate ecommerce site regulations, EBay, Etsy, and Shopify have been removing the noticed posts that advertise or sell them. Still, a more permanent solution to prevent these sales or a more secure method of checking proof of vaccination is needed.


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